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I'm having trouble converting the first letter to Capital in a String:

rackingSystem.toLowerCase(); // has capitals in every word, so first convert all to lower case
StringBuilder rackingSystemSb = new StringBuilder();
rackingSystemSb.setCharAt(0, Character.toUpperCase(rackingSystemSb.charAt(0))); 
rackingSystem = rackingSystemSb.toString();

This doesn't seem to work..

Any suggestions?

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Try doing:

rackingSystem = rackingSystem.toLowerCase();

Instead of:


Strings are immutable, you must reassign the result of toLowerCase().

Easier though, (as long as your String is larger than length 2):

rackingSystem = rackingSystem.substring(0,1).toUpperCase() + rackingSystem.substring(1).toLowerCase();
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Thanks, realised just after I posted! Doh! Thanks for quick response. –  Scamparelli Mar 6 '13 at 23:10
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StringBuilder rackingSystemSb = new StringBuilder(rackingSystem.toLowerCase());
rackingSystemSb.setCharAt(0, Character.toUpperCase(rackingSystemSb.charAt(0)));
rackingSystem = rackingSystemSb.toString();
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