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Okay, so I have a menu that I want to slide down from underneath another menu. I'm not sure I'm setting up the jQuery correctly. I'll post an image link of the design.

navigation set up design

What I have is a section of a head all contained in divs and what not. There is a menu underneath the one shown (the light grey part at the bottom) and it is contained in another div (#subMenu) for querying. Basically I want the one underneath to slide down and reveal itself by clicking a link on that top menu shown in the image.

The menu underneath is layered and positioned on the page via the z-index and relativity. It is named #SubMenu and is 60px high and the query setup is as so:

//build a var to target #subMen div
var menu = $j('#subMenu')
//use click from link id
    //if the menu is visible slide it up
    if (menu.is(":visible"))
        //otherwise, slide menu down


Yet after plugging and setting up in wordpress I'm not getting any effects upon clicking the link. I may be installing it in wordpress wrong but I'd rather start from square one with problem solving. As there would be no point if the code is set up wrong.

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What does the js console say? –  Sterling Archer Mar 6 '13 at 23:03
It says that there is a syntax error on the 1st line for some reason or it will say there is an error on the line I gave the variable menu to. –  Alex Howell Mar 7 '13 at 0:33

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You have a typo in slideDown.

Also, you should be using jQuery instead of $ because WP uses .noConflict() by default.

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Oh crap! Thanks, Ill try this out! Thanks! I'll come back if something else occurs. –  Alex Howell Mar 7 '13 at 0:35

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