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Windows 7: I have installed Qt 4.8.4 Win and Qt Creator 2.6.2 Win, VS2010 (from here). When I try to open a project (previously compiled with Qt 4.8.3 / Creator 2.5.2), it says I need a kit (no valid kit) and eventually I end up at Qt version is not properly installed. All is shown in the screenshots below.

I have checked some solutions:

  1. SO QT version is not properly installed, please run make install is for Linux
  2. Some say, I need to install Qt SDK, but where do I find this (this one contains older Creator / Qt versions), and what sense would the individual installers make if I need SDK?
  3. Some say, I need to add Qt to path, but what exactly? Creator? The Qt 4.8.4, the qmake dir?
  4. Somehow I fail with this make install, nothing happens.
  5. I have installed the 5.0.1 including Creator 2.6.2 as one installation, this works. But when I then download 4.8.4. and try to add it as QT Version, same issue: Qt version is not properly installed

Any idea what I would need to do or install.

-- Edit -- List of trials ---

  1. Added my Qt 4.8.4 and its qmake dir to PATH
  2. Re-installed Qt in different order: Qt 4.8.4 first / Creator 2.6.2 thereafter
  3. Opened Qt CMD Prompt qmake install (as in the suggestions): 4.8.4\install:1: Parse Error ('INSTALLING Qt Source Package Version 4.8.4.') Error processing project file: install
  4. qmake install from Qt CMD. Runs 20 minutes, Laptop gets extremly hot, then it crashes

Configure Kit


Qt version not installed

P:\Qt\Libs\4.8.4>qmake\qmake.exe install
QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.
Error processing project file: install
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I had the same problem. Try to choose "qmake.exe" from the BIN folder, not the qmake folder, so in your case probably P:\Qt\Libs\4.8.4\bin\qmake.exe

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Based on SO: How to install Qt on Windows after building? I eventually got to

Simply running configure solved it for me, I did not build, nothing else. The installer did apply several patches, so I still do not get why I have to run configure.

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