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New Apache Pig user here. I basically have data in a format and need to split this into 6 columns to create my desired schema and then load into Pig for my existing script to run.

Sorry if the format below is untidy, i cant upload a picture due to reputation score.

Existing format has 3 columns
User-Equipment values::key:bytearray values:value:bytearray
user1-mobile 20130306-AC 9
user1-mobile 20130306-AT 21
user2-laptop 20130306-BC 0

Required format:
User Equipment Date Type "Count or Time" Value

user1 mobile 20130306 A C 9

user1 mobile 20130306 A T 21

Any suggestions on how to ge this done? IS there a regex I need to write? The tricky thing here is all the columns have a delimiter (-) between them except "Type" and column "C or T"

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If you don't have a common delimiter I can think of two possibilities:

  1. You could implement your own LoadFunc as explained here: http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9781449302641/load_and_store_funcs.html

  2. You could use REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL as explained here: Apache Pig: Extra query parameters from web log

Here you go for 2.:

A = LOAD 'abc.txt' AS (line:CHARARRAY);
B = FOREACH A GENERATE FLATTEN(REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL(line, '^(.+?)\\-(.+?)\\s(.+?)\\-(.)(.)\\s(.+)$')) AS (User:CHARARRAY,Equipment:CHARARRAY,Date:CHARARRAY,Type:CHARARRAY,CountorTime:CHARARRAY,Value:CHARARRAY);
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That worked. Thanks both of you. –  user2045361 Mar 8 '13 at 17:46

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