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Using jQuery and Meteor I am trying to bind the TokenInput plugin to the DOM like so:

     console.log("binding tokeninput");

The issue is that the particular DOM element is being redrawn (removed from the DOM and then re-added in a quick flash) occasionally. I need to ensure that the plugin is ALWAYS in effect on that input.

A few things come to mind:

  • Could I use a callback from Meteor to re-apply it whenever it updates? I haven't found a callback from Meteor for when a template object is refreshed.
  • Can I use some sort of reactive bind (like .on, though .on is only for events)?
  • Am I doing this completely wrong?
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If you're DOM element being removed by something reactive. If mytiem changes its going to fire the 'rendered' template callback


<template name="MeteorIsAwesome">
    {{#each myitem}}
        <div class="dom element meteor">


    {{!comment - you can put it here or above}}
    <input class="nameInput" type="text">

Js (kind of the callback you might be looking for)

Template.MeteorIsAwesome.rendered = function () {

One thing only worries me is if it ignores the state of the tokenbox when redrawing so it might become double tokenized

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Actually I came to this conclusion a while ago and thought I'd let someone else answer it :) thanks for the confirmation –  Christian Stewart Mar 8 '13 at 3:19

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