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I tried to open http://jsfiddle.net/ in IE8 with BrowserMode-- IE8 and Document Mode--IE8 in developer tools. In other browsers it's working fine, and even in IE9 it's working fine. But I see javascript errors in IE8 and older versions of IE.

SCRIPT1010: Expected identifier 
EditorCM.js?Spring, line 105 character 25

SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'addEventListener' 
heyoffline.js?Spring, line 24 character 5

SCRIPT5009: 'MooShellEditor' is undefined 
jsfiddle.net, line 91 character 7

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'editor': object is null or undefined 
Actions.js?Spring, line 130 character 5

this is how it's rendered in IE8 enter image description here

Is jsfiddle working with IE8 and older versions?

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You can find more info here. In short:

For all unsupported browsers (like IE8 or mobile phones) please use DRAFT feature.

  • Log in to the service on your favourite browser.
  • Create fiddle and Run it
  • On IE8 open the http://jsfiddle.net/draft/
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You can also use some alternative services like JSBin that seems to work with IE8 (until now). –  PomCompot Dec 13 '13 at 16:51
To just test if your fiddle shows your problem in IE8, you could also test it by using the 'Collaboration > Share full screen result' function –  Jacob van Lingen Feb 17 at 10:27
A short time following this post, a message was added flatly stating that JSFiddle "does not support IE8." Realize IE8 is an archaic old browser, but some of us in corporate environs don't have any choice in the matter :( –  David W May 30 at 13:45
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No doubt jsfiddle/Codepen are best site(s) but both have abnormal behavior in IE8. I would recommend people that are still using IE8 to try the new online HTML editor.


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This site throws a browser-out-of-date overlay if you browse it in IE8. –  mcw0933 Jun 4 at 21:36
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