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I am actually trying to create a custom composite table component because h:datatable or p:datatable do not fit my needs. Nevertheless it shall be used like a primefaces datatable. After I found JSF composite component childrens and Expose items of a list while iterating within composite component I saw the finish line, but now I got stuck.

My xhtml:

    <sm:datatable mode="columntoggle" id="mytable" value="#{managerBean.objects}" var="object">
        <sm:column header="KeyHeader" property="key">
            <h:outputText value="#{object.key}"/>    
        <sm:column header="ValueHeader" property="value">
            <h:outputText value="#{object.value}"/>    

And this is the datatable composite:

    <cc:attribute name="id" />
    <cc:attribute name="mode" />
    <cc:attribute name="var" />
    <cc:attribute name="value" type="java.util.List"/>

    <table data-role="table" data-mode="#{cc.attrs.mode}" id="my-table">
                <ui:repeat value="#{component.getCompositeComponentParent(component).children}" var="child">
                        <h:outputText value="#{child.attrs.header}"/>
            <ui:repeat value="#{cc.attrs.value}" var="object">
                    <c:forEach items="#{cc.children}" var="child" varStatus="loop">

And that's the column composite

    <cc:attribute name="header" />
    <cc:attribute name="property" />
    <cc:facet name="content"/>


thead works standalone

tbody works standalone

Putting them together like above I only get tbody. thead always stays empty Any suggestions? Thanks for your help in Advance!

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2 Answers

#{cc.children} which is equivalent to #{component.getCompositeComponentParent(component).children} should both work but for some reason fail to work in some versions , I guess this part of JSF is still little buggy .

Have you tried


Please refer this thread as well,

JSF2 has children

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I just tried it but doesn't really work. The only child is the implementation itself. Therefore the output for #{child} is <table data-role="table" data-mode="#{cc.attrs.mode}" id="my-table"> <thead> <tr> com.sun.faces.facelets.component.UIRepeat@7f66ff9c </tr> </thead> <tbody> com.sun.faces.facelets.component.UIRepeat@430a14ad </tbody> </table> –  CrisbyJ Mar 7 '13 at 7:31
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I was having the same issue. My workaround was to use a renderFacet, instead of insertChildren.

To iterate over the inserted elements I have used: #{cc.facets.yourFacetName.children} and to insert the elements themselves I have used: <composite:renderFacet name="yourFacetName"/>.

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