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Could anyone please help to find a way to create a process whose ruser and user are different? Currently, I used the line

sudo su david -c ./test.pl

Then when I typed the following line to get the user and ruser

ps -eo pid,user,ruser,fname,pcpu,nice,stime,time | grep test.pl
10322   david   david test.pl 12.4 20 13:37:00 01:38 

The user and ruser are still the same. I need to create a process like the following sample:

ps -o user,ruser,comm -p 59515
    root csrethab xscreensaver 

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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You can do this from within the perl script by setting the special $< variable.

Here is an example:

system("ps -eo pid,user,ruser,fname,pcpu,nice,stime,time | grep $$");
$< = 1000;
print "Changed\n";
system("ps -eo pid,user,ruser,fname,pcpu,nice,stime,time | grep $$");

This prints the following:

22460 root     root     perl      0.0   0 20:46 00:00:00
22460 root     jordan   perl      0.0   0 20:46 00:00:00

The only way to do this outside of the code is via setuid. The setuid bit is ignored in scripts in linux, so that is not possible from perl.

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Thanks for your answer. It does work. –  user2142332 Mar 7 '13 at 18:23
@user2142332 If you feel that this answer is correct, you can "accept" it by clicking the check next to the votes. –  jordanm Mar 7 '13 at 18:35

There's also the sys::process module, which encapsulates this for you:


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Looking at the code, all that appears to do is provide a very thin layer around $> and $<. –  jordanm Mar 7 '13 at 6:04

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