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I have a function which takes 4 parameters i.e form name, class of button , function , eventType all i want to do is select the element button of the form and call the function accordingly but it doesnt work for me Works when i hard code the form name and button class

registerFormEvent : function(formName,buttonClass,func,eventType) {
$('form[name= "demoForm"]').find('.submit').on(eventType,func);

while it wont work when i try to pass the param into the form name and buttonClass name

registerFormEvent : function(formName,buttonClass,func,eventType) {
    $('form[name= formName]').find(buttonClass).on(eventType,func);

I know its an Syntax Error but i could not find a way to do it is really appreciated

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Try this:

registerFormEvent : function(formName,buttonClass,func,eventType) {

You need to add the formName variable outside of the the string in the selector

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It did work Thanks a lot .... – inputError Mar 7 '13 at 1:48

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