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I want to know whether there is the way to achieve the following requirement:

First, there is a methodA, which takes an input objA and check whether objA is valid for the method. If it's valid, then it returns an object objB. However, if objA is not valid, it just returns objA itself. Note that even if objA is valid, the returned objB may still be the same with objB.

Then, there is a methodB and in the method, methodA is called. If the input of methodA is valid, the program go on without error. However, if methodA is called with invalid input, then methodB should terminate (a.k.a return with a certain string signaling an error) to prevent future crash.

The current solution that I could think of is to create a (BOOL)methodAInputIsValid:(obj)input and in methodB there is:

if(methodAInputIsValid:input) {
    obj objReturn = methodA:input;
    //show error warning
//continue doing something with objReturn and finally return some valid thing

A problem of the code is that (BOOL)methodAInputIsValid:(obj)input and methodA:(obj)input share a lot of code in common because there is a validity-test in methodA. So I want to use the validity-test more efficiently so that it will work for methodB and drop the (BOOL)methodAInputIsValid.

Here is one possible application that I could think of:

In a program the user is asked to enter a string that will direct the action of the program. However, the input string may need to be standardized such as converting all letters to lower-case and converting all single quotation to double quotation and auto-complete any missing right parenthesis or quotation marks. However, if the user is just entering nonsense that cannot be standardized, then the program should terminate and warn the user of the problem. The two methods are (BOOL)isStandardizeable:(NSString *)input and (NSString *)standardize:(NSString *)input. Because (NSString *)standardize already returns an NSString *, I can't make it to return another BOOL, right? So the following code is not achievable:

    NSString *result = standardize:input;
} else {
    NSLog(@"unrecognizable input!");

Can anyone think of a way to do this?

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Realistically, I'd just have methodA return nil if the input is not valid. This is a fairly common method to signal failure to a caller. If you really need the "identity" part of the method, just have callers do

id res = [... methodA:input];
if(res == nil)
    res = input;
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