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I am currently using Template Toolkit and have never learn or use before TT.

For example, I have 10 files, 5 files dated year dd/mm/2011 and 5 files dated dd/mm/2012. I need to display the year once only. I tried using foreach loop but instead of displaying 2011 5 times and 2012 5 times, I want it to display only 1 time.

What I need to achieve is to get the year and using that to create a link to display those documents on that year.

Hope you guys understand and some kind souls please help me out. =x

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what have you tried show us your code – mob Mar 7 '13 at 3:31
Perhaps more importantly in this case, show us the data structure that you're passing to TT. (Although showing the code would probably also cover that...) – Dave Sherohman Mar 7 '13 at 9:01

You'd use a similar approach in TT that you'd use in any other programming language. Make a note of the last year you saw and only print the current one if it's different.

Here's a simple example that you can run with tpage.

$ cat 
[%- dates = [ '01/11/2012', '01/12/2012', '01/01/2013', '01/02/2013'];
    lastyear = '';
    FOREACH date IN dates;
        bits = date.split('/');
        IF bits.2 != lastyear;
            bits.2 _ "\n";
        bits.0 _ '/' _ bits.1 _ "\n";
        lastyear = bits.2;
    END -%]
$ tpage

But you almost certainly want to think about passing a more sensible data structure into TT.

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