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How to create arrays with jquery and alter session?

I want to store in $ _SESSION ["playlist"] a list of songs with titles, urls mp3 and authors

This is an example of my html code

    <a class="add-music" data-title="Title of the little song" data-artist="artist1" href="audios/song-little.mp3">Add to List</a>
    <a class="download-music" href="audios/song-little.mp3">Download</a>

    <a class="add-music" data-title="Title of middle song" data-artist="artist2" href="audios/song-middle.mp3">Add to List</a>
    <a class="download-music" href="audios/song-middle.mp3">Download</a>

    <a class="add-music" data-title="Title of big song" data-artist="artist3" href="audios/song-big.mp3">Add to List</a>
    <a class="download-music" href="audios/song-big.mp3">Download</a>

and my jquery is so

    $( document ).ready(function() {
function() {
  var songNew=new Array ({
    title: $(this).attr('data-title'),

    artist: $(this).attr('data-artist'),
    mp3: $(this).attr('href')

I want to know how to store in session several songs with their titles, authors and url of mp3

I read that with json, I can make each song set of values ​​for a string, and an array with several strings, this array save session

thanks for any help

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what does jQuery have to do with session? $ _SESSION is on server, jQuery is in browser. Need far more details to understand what you are trying to accomplish. As it stands right now, question makes little sense –  charlietfl Mar 7 '13 at 4:29

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I think you want to send arrays through ajax to server and then save it in session.

If you don't know how to send you can use javascript object notation.

var data={title:"sometitle",song:"song"}

you can even use nested javascript object notation to use it like arrays.

and then you can use this in $.ajax call using post. you can retrieve these values in php by using $_POST['title']; and $_POST['song'];

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with your idea improve my light, and I will work with php to modify the session had this right now, which amends after reading your comment $( document ).ready(function() { $('.add-music').click(function() { $.ajax({ 'type':'POST', 'data':fuction() { var songNew = JSON.stringify({ title: $(this).attr('data-title'), artist: $(this).attr('data-artist'), mp3: $(this).attr('href'), }); }); datatype: 'json', url: 'sess.php', async: true, cache:false }); }); }); –  laur Mar 7 '13 at 17:43

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