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I'm trying to mask a function that a function from a package calls.

As a reproducible (I think) example, look at the function isTRUE:

function (x) 
identical(TRUE, x)

Suppose for some reason I wanted identical to always return "foobar", and hence isTRUE would always return "foobar":

# try override identical
identical <- function(...) { return('foobar') }
identical(TRUE, 'a') # 'foobar', as expected

Now I call isTRUE, hoping that the call to identical in that function will access my masked version, but it doesn't:

isTRUE('a') # hope that this will return 'foobar'
# [1] FALSE

So in general, how do I temporarily cause a function called from within a packaged function to return something different?


I have a function in my package:

myFunc <- function(...) {
    if (!require(rgdal)) {
        stop("You do not have rgdal installed")
    # ...

I want to test that if rgdal is not installed, the function throws an error. However, I do have rgdal installed. I want myFunc to think it isn't (temporarily), so I am trying to do:

require <- function(...) { return(FALSE) }

before calling myFunc hoping that it will fail. However, it appears that myFunc isn't tricked by this and still calls base::require instead of my require.

(Yes, this seems like a trivial thing, because most certainly myFunc would throw an error if I didn't have rgdal installed, but suppose now the condition were more complex and I wanted to test in the same way - my question still stands)

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Just found a question on the R mailing list that might be relevant, checking it out. –  mathematical.coffee Mar 7 '13 at 2:43
why not define require within the function -- would that be useful? –  mnel Mar 7 '13 at 2:49
No. I only want to redefine require temporarily for the purpose of testing. Outside the testing, I wish myFunc to work as-is (with the usual require). –  mathematical.coffee Mar 7 '13 at 2:51
Partial solution: assignInNamespace('somefunction', replacement, 'somepackage') works if I am replacing a function within my own package, but not for base::require (which complains about being a locked binding, even if I use unlockBinding) –  mathematical.coffee Mar 7 '13 at 2:53

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You can programatically create a function

foo <- function(...) if(!require('MASS')) stop('foo')

testfun <- function(fun){
  require <- function(...) FALSE
  fff <- function(){}
    formals(fff) <- formals(fun)
    body(fff) <- body(fun)


testfoo <- testfun('foo')

require is defined as is testfun when the function is now created.

## Loading required package: MASS


# Error in testfoo() : foo

You could do something similar with local, but I think it would be messier


testfoo2 <- local({
  require <- function(...) FALSE
  foo <- function(...) if(!require('MASS')) stop('foo')

## Error in testfoo2() : foo

(From mathematicalcoffee - a followup based on this answer).

I was able to define a function:

overrideIn <- function(f, ...) {                                                
    overrides <- list(...)                                                      
    nms <- names(overrides)[names(overrides) != '']                             
    # stub out the functions                                                    
    for (nm in nms) {                                                           
        assign(nm, overrides[[nm]])                                             

    # copy over f                                                               
    fff <- function () {}                                                       
    formals(fff) <- formals(f)                                                  
    body(fff) <- body(f)                                                        

so that I could do

f <- overrideIn(myFunc, require=function (...) FALSE)

Now when I call f it has the overridden version of require in it, so I can do (using the fantastic testthat package):

expect_that(f(), throws_error('You do not have rgdal installed'))

A slightly more succinct version of the overide function (mnel again)

overRideIn2 <- function(fun,...){
   e <- environment()
   .list <- list(...)
   ns <- nchar(names(.list))>0L

   list2env(.list[ns], envir = e) 

   fff <- as.function(as.list(fun))

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worked a charm, love it! thanks! never would have thought of that (I was going to keep playing around with assignInNamespace, I suspect futilely) –  mathematical.coffee Mar 7 '13 at 3:09
@mathematical.coffee -- i'm not sure how this will go if you are trying to overwrite a function within a function from another package where they have used importFrom –  mnel Mar 7 '13 at 3:21
ahh well, it works for what I want! :) –  mathematical.coffee Mar 7 '13 at 3:29
You edit is better than what I was about to suggest –  mnel Mar 7 '13 at 3:36

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