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I have the following in my view .html.erb:

<%= form_tag :action=>"edit", :id => @product.id do %>

I want to basically only add the id if @product exists (not null i suppose) so i want to do something along the lines of:

<%= form_tag :action=>"edit" if @product print",:id => @product.id" end do %>

I know the above is wrong code but that's the idea behind it, not sure if i can embed that within the <%= tag.


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<%= form_tag :action=>"edit", :id => (@product.id if @product) do %>
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neat solution thanks! –  Klam Mar 7 '13 at 4:07
url_options = { :action => "edit" }
html_options = {}

html_options[:id] = @product.id if @product

<%= form_tag url_options, html_options do %>    
  <% .... %>
<% end %>
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This should work:

<% if @product %>

    <%= form_tag :action=>"edit",:id => @product.id" do %>

<% else %>

    <%= form_tag :action=>"edit" do %>

<% end %>

You can probably embed the conditional code in the <%= ... %> tag if you use eval but the above might be more clear!

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