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I am working on RCP/RAP eclipse plugin development and while creating project it asks what is Eclipse plugin targeted for either Eclipse or OSGi ?

Whats the difference between using two standards ?

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There is a good explanation here:… HIH – MaMoreo May 15 '14 at 14:54

Eclipse plug-ins are OSGi bundles using Eclipse extension registry. Therefore

  • If you develop plain OSGi project, use OSGi Framework choice
  • If you develop Eclipse plug-in it's very likely you will need use extensions, use Eclipse version X.Y as target.

This radio also controls further wizard pages (plug-in options and available templates) and available tools within PDE.

OSGi Framework dropdown options Equinox and Standard controls only whether plug-in (bundle) MANIFEST.MF file will be augmented with Eclipse-specific headers like Eclipse-LazyStart, x-friends etc.

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