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Im working on a right rotate method for when i splay. I have nodes that i use to hold the value of the left child and the left childs right. On the case that im testing the left childs right is null but when i compile i get a null pointer exception. Even if the value is null shouldnt it just assign the new node to null rather than throw a null pointer exception?

below are my assignments

Node<E> leftC = x.getLeft();
Node<E> leftsRight = leftC.getRight();

in the case im testing, the tree looks like


and x is 3, so then leftC is 2 and leftsRight should be null but it just throws the null pointer.

Why is it throwing the null pointer instead of just assigning it to null?

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The most likely thing is that x.getLeft() is returning null, not 2. Then when you try to evaluate leftC.getRight(), leftC is null, which is causing the NPE. You can verify this in the debugger. –  Ted Hopp Mar 7 '13 at 4:20
Assuming that the NullPointerException originates from one of the two lines you posted (verify it), then it means that either x is null, of leftC is null. There's no other option. –  Eyal Schneider Mar 7 '13 at 4:45

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