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I have a 3rd party standalone Java program. I want to run it from a Java client that will invoke this program via multiple threads to achieve parallel execution. Challenge is, this 3rd party program reads configuration parameters from environment variables. I don't want parallel threads to override each other's configuration. Also, since my Client and this 3rd party program are both written in Java, if I can avoid creating multiple JVM processes then it will be great value add.

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You can use ProcessBuilder, and populate the map returned by the environment() method.

ProcessBuilder builder = new ProcessBuilder("java -cp . Foo");
Map<String, String> environment = builder.environment();
environment.put("Foo", "Bar");
environment.put("X", "Y");
Process process = builder.start();

As each process has its own environment, this should be safe.

Alternatively, you can use Runtime.exec.

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