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This function replicates the user experience of a Select/MultiSelect dropdown element - displaying the values of checkboxes checked in a container (adds/removes them when they're checked/unchecked), and if more than 3 items have been checked it displays the # selected instead of the values selected.

It's a combination of 2 functions and they're not playing well together when items are unchecked (i.e. it's removing the values but not the commas, doesn't work correctly when more than 3 items have been selected, etc.)

I think it would be much better if I used an array to store the values, adding/removing values from the array when items are checked/unchecked, and I know how do to in PHP but not in Javascript. This code should create the array, but I can't figure out how to integrate it into my code.

$('input:checkbox[name="color[]"]:checked').each(function () {

Existing Code:


$(".dropdown_container ul li").click(function () {
    var text = $(this.children[0]).find("input").val();
    var text_edited = text.replace(/_/g, " ");
    var currentHtml = $(".dropdown_box span").html();
    var positionLocation = currentHtml.indexOf(text_edited);
    var numberChecked = $('input[name="color[]"]:checked').length;

    if (positionLocation < 1) {
        if (numberChecked <= 3) {
            $(".dropdown_box span").html(currentHtml.replace('Colors', ''));
            $(".dropdown_box span").append(', ' + text_edited);                                
            } else {
                $(".dropdown_box span").html(currentHtml.replace(currentHtml, numberChecked + " Selected"));
    } else {
        (currentHtmlRevised = currentHtml.replace(text_edited, ""));
        $(".dropdown_box span").html(currentHtmlRevised.replace(currentHtml)); 


<div class="dropdown_box"><span>Colors</span></div>
<div class="dropdown_container">
    <ul id="select_colors">
            <label><a href="#"><div style="background-color: #ff8c00" class="color" onclick="toggle_colorbox_alt(this);"><div class=CheckMark>&#10003;</div>
            <input type="checkbox" name="color[]" value="Black" class="cbx"/>
        <!-- More List Items --!>
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Easiest to just replace the entire content each time. Also use the change event instead of the click event.

$(".dropdown_container input").change(function () {
    var checked = $(".dropdown_container input:checked");
    var span = $(".dropdown_box span");
    if (checked.length > 3) {
       span.html("" + checked.length + " selected");
    else {
        span.html( () { return $(this).val().replace("_"," "); }).get().join(", "));


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I think it's probably missing something because it's not displaying any values in ".dropdown_box span" –  Chaya Cooper Mar 7 '13 at 5:18
Oops I did not see that the text was in the parent label. I corrected the example and added a jsFiddle. –  Brandon Mar 7 '13 at 5:25
It works perfectly :-D One question – How would I modify it to the equivalent of 'var text = $(this.children[0]).find("input").val();'? I'd simplified the code snippet because I hadn't realized that it would matter, but I'm using this with hidden checkboxes so I also need it to encompass another <div> inside the <li>. I know that it can be tough to read code in these comment boxes, so I updated the question with the complete <li> code. –  Chaya Cooper Mar 7 '13 at 6:07
You want the value of the checkbox instead of the label text? In my code snippet above, replace $(this).parent().text() with $(this).val(). The map call is iterating over the checkbox input elements so within that function this is the actual input element. I suppose you want to replace _ with ` ` also, so it would be return $(this).val().replace("_", " "); –  Brandon Mar 7 '13 at 13:29
I updated the answer and demo with this change. Please mark as Answer if this helps you out :) –  Brandon Mar 7 '13 at 13:36

try this:

      var cbx = $('.cbx:checked');
      var str = '';

      if (cbx.length<=3 && cbx.length!=0){
        for (var i=0;i<cbx.length;i++){
          if (i>0) str += ', ';
          str += cbx[i].value;
     } else if (cbx.length==0){
       str = 'Colors';
     } else {
       str = cbx.length;
     $('.dropdown_box span').html(str);
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