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I recently decided to use nested json, however, I cannot access them. I have seen some examples of different way to return data using the data method e.g.:

 var node = svg.selectAll("g.node")
 .data(nodes, function(d) {return;})

  var node = svg.selectAll("g.node")

However, this has had no affect. Therefore I've also tried:

 .text(function(d) { return; })

But I still havent had any luck!

Here's a snippet of the nested json:

           var nodes = {"Galaxy":"Milkyway","life":true,"world": [
         {"Name": 'Amy', "Country": 'USA', "translate":"translate(190,83)" }, 
         {"Name": 'Nathan', "Country": 'USA', "type": 'square', "translate":  "translate(190,83)"}, 
         {"Name": 'Lewis', "Country": 'USA', "type": 'circle', "translate":  "translate(20,183)" }, 
         {"Name": 'Tom', "Country": 'Japan', "type": 'diamond', "translate":  "translate(-300,-200)"},
         {"Name": 'Matt', "Country": 'Russia', "type": 'cross', "translate": "translate(10,183)"},
         {"Name": 'Frank', "Country": 'France', "type": 'triangle-up', "translate": "translate(30,183)"},
         {"Name": 'Bob', "Country": 'Japan', "type": 'diamond', "translate": "translate(10,13)"}

thanks in advance

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The form of .data function you used in the first instance is meant to be used for object consistency by assigning keys to each data item. .data does not follow the same accessor pattern as d3.max, d3.mean, etc. – musically_ut Mar 7 '13 at 14:10
Hi, thanks for reply. is it possible that you could show me an example? – Jose Mar 7 '13 at 15:51
This example from mbostock himself would be helpful to understand how the key functionality works: – musically_ut Mar 7 '13 at 20:37

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I believe I've found an appropriate solution to my problem:

   var node = svg.selectAll("g.node")

Please, if you have another I'm open to other ways of doing things. Thanks :)

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