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I'm trying to create a FlowLayout Composite inside a ScrolledComposite so that the FlowLayout Composite inherit it's width from the ScrolledComposite but grows in height dynamically, I've searched some but I'm not getting it to work, I can only get it to grow in width which is not desirable.

What I'm trying to do is a view containing a bunch of thumbnails fills the window/surrounding composite in width and scrolls in height.

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You will need to override the computeSize method of the composite, or the FillLayout to always report back the given widthHint, unless perhaps the width hint is smaller than a single thumbnail's width in which case you might want to show horizontal scroll).

There could also a possibility that you add a resize listener to ScrollComposite and keep calling ScrollComposite#setMinSize() to ensure the composite inside only grows vertically.

Also are you using the correct type on FillLayout?

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