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I am using the AChartEngine library to draw bar charts. What I need is for all bars to be in one color and only one bar to be in a different color.
What I have tried is having two XYSeries with one containing 0's.
This displays a gap between the bars as follows:
enter image description here
Could someone please tell me how do I achieve a continuous sequence of bars with just one with a different color?

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if you want to try custom bar chart then take a look at this answer – Ram kiran Mar 7 '13 at 6:15

Check Bar chart using achartengine thread. If this does not help check Different color bars using multiple series . I managed to do the same using the concept used by the asker in second question. In addition I made

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Well I modified the source code to finally achieve this.
I modified the draw method of XYChart. I added colors for each bar. I found out which bar is in the center of the screen and added a different color for it.
The 'drawSeries' method in BarChart also has to be modified to set the paint color for the lines.

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can you please show some code or explain in detail please? – Swap-IOS-Android Jul 30 '14 at 8:18

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