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I am getting an error from the console (in chrome) saying "Uncaught ReferenceError: insert is not defined". Despit my best efforts to try and find the problem i still have no idea why this is happening. All my syntax is error free. Can anyone point out the issue? heres the code relevant to this issue:

the code below is my form i which a user can enter details to add a contact to my app:

<script src="ajax_framework.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<?php   $addContact = $_GET['addContact'];

//form which users can use to enter the details of a new contact to add to the database.
echo "Add A Contact:";
echo "<FORM action='javascript:insert()' method='get'>";
echo "<table>";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td>First Name:</td><td><input id='newFname' name='newFname' type='text' size'20'></input></td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td>Last Name:</td><td><input id='newLname' name='newLname' type='text' size'20'></input></td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td>Phone Number:</td><td><input id='newPhone' name='newPhone' type='text' size'12'></input></td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "<td>Email Address:</td><td><input id='newEmail' name='newEmail' type='text' size'30'></input></td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td>Postal Address:</td><td><input id='newAddress' name='newAddress' type='text' size'65'></input></td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "<td>Group:</td><td> <input id='group' value='Ungrouped' type='radio' name='group'/>No Group <input id='group' value='Friends' type='radio' name='group'/>Friend";
echo "<input id='group' value='Colleagues' type='radio' name='group'/>Colleagues <input id='group' value='Family' type='radio' name='group'/>Family";
echo "</table>";
//submit button that submits the contact information to an ajax function.
echo "<input type='submit' name='Submit' value='Add Contact'/>";
echo "</FORM>";


This code sends the info to the database using an insert statement:

<!-- Include Database connections info. -->
<?php include('config.php'); ?>


//If the values are set (i.e the txt fields/radio button are filled in then run the sql insert statement to add the contact.
if(isset($_GET['newFname']) && isset($_GET['newLname']) && isset($_GET['newPhone']) && isset($_GET['newEmail']) && isset($_GET['newAddress']) && isset($_GET['group'])) 

    $newFname = $_GET["newFname"] ;
    $newLname = $_GET["newLname"] ;
    $newPhone = $_GET["newPhone"] ;
    $newEmail = $_GET["newEmail"] ;
    $newAddress = $_GET["newAddress"] ;
    $group = $_GET["group"] ;

    //SQL insert statement used to add the user entered data to the database table.
    $insertContact_sql = "INSERT INTO `test`.`contacts` (`newFname`, `newLname`, `newPhone`, `newEmail`, `newAddress`, `group`) VALUES ('{$newFname}' , '{$newLname}' , '{$newPhone}' , '{$newEmail}' , '{$newAddress}' , '{$group}')";
    $insertContact= mysql_query($insertContact_sql) or die(mysql_error());


//else if the fields do not contain data then display this error message.
    echo 'Error! Please fill all fileds!';


Below is my AJAX functions:

function createObject() 
    var request_type;
    var browser = navigator.appName;
    if(browser == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")
        request_type = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");

        request_type = new XMLHttpRequest();

    return request_type;

var http = createObject();

//value solve an Internet Explorer cache issue
var nocache = 0;
function insert() 
    // Optional: Show a waiting message in the layer with ID login_response
    document.getElementById('content02').innerHTML = "Just a second..."
    // Required: verify that all fileds is not empty. Use encodeURI() to solve some issues about character encoding.
    var newFname= encodeURI(document.getElementById('newFname').value);
    var newLname = encodeURI(document.getElementById('newLname').value);
    var newPhone = encodeURI(document.getElementById('newPhone').value);
    var newEmail = encodeURI(document.getElementById('newEmail').value);
    var newAddress = encodeURI(document.getElementById('newAddress').value);
    var group = encodeURI(document.getElementById('group').value);

    // Set te random number to add to URL request
    nocache = Math.random();
    // Pass the login variables like URL variable
    http.open('get', 'newContact.php?newFname='+newFname+'&newLname=' +newLname+'&newPhone=' +newPhone+'&newEmail=' +newEmail+'&newAddress=' +newAddress+'&group=' +group+'&nocache = '+nocache);
    http.onreadystatechange = showGroup;

function showGroup(str)
    if (str=="")
    if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
    {// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
    xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();
    {// code for IE6, IE5
    xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
    if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200)
    document.getElementById("content02").innerHTML = "";
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That's 100% of your JavaScript code? This code isn't nested inside another function? – the system Mar 7 '13 at 6:23
no this is the code relevant to my problem. MORE INFO: The ajax function above is inside a file called ajax_framework.js, the form is located inside a file called newContactForm.php and the last bit of code is in newContact.php. My index page is Contacts.html and the code examples above are called to that page/used with the page when they are needed. The are called/used using ajax function which are in a file called ajax.js – Corey Mar 7 '13 at 6:31
Where exactly do you include the JavaScript? You can skip the PHP and go straight to the rendered HTML, that'll be more useful since this is a JavaScript error. – Brad Koch Mar 7 '13 at 6:34
Aside, you're aware you can embed the PHP inside HTML? It tends to be easier to read than lots of echo statements. – Brad Koch Mar 7 '13 at 6:37
Hi, sorry I left out my script line in the first code i have displayed. That is used to show the form action where to go for the insert() function. Yes i know PHP can be embedded. This is for an assignment in which everything has to be called with ajax functions, basically our index/html page has to be "bare bones". – Corey Mar 7 '13 at 6:42

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