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I have 2 tables say A and B, and I want to do a join on them.

Table A will always have records in it.

When table B has rows in it, I want the query to turn all the rows in which table A and table B matches. (i.e. behave like inner join)

However, if table B is empty, I'd like to return everything from table A.

Is this possible to do in 1 query?


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Yes, for results like this, use LEFT JOIN.

Basically what INNER JOIN does is it only returns row where it has atleast one match on the other table. The LEFT JOIN, on the other hand, returns all records on the left hand side table whether it has not match on the other table.

To further gain more knowledge about joins, kindly visit the link below:

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But I don't want the query to return EVERYTHING (even non-matches) when table B has records...i want it to perform like a inner join. Only if table B is empty, then I want to return everything in table A. Does it make sense? –  viv_acious Mar 7 '13 at 10:49
Maybe I will re phrase/re edit my question again :) –  viv_acious Mar 7 '13 at 10:50

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