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I have jenkins.war and I started it from command prompt in Windows as:

java -jar jenkins.war

It was started well and easily browsed as http://localhost:8080

I want to start on 9090 port. How can I do that?

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Use the following command at command prompt:

java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=9090

If you want to use https use the following command:

java -jar jenkins.war --httpsPort=9090

Details are here

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Hi, I did this but after a reboot it reverted to 8080 again, is there a way to change the setting permanently? –  Steve Green Feb 15 at 13:24
@SteveGreen: The above mentioned commands are starting Jenkins from the command line. This is not a permant configuration. It is possible to save this command in a batch file and launch that file during startup, e.g. in an autostart folder. –  Christian Apr 24 at 12:35

open the jenkin.xml in the jenkins folder and change the port number:
httpPort=yyyy --- > restart the machine. it should change the setting permanently.

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Just restarting the service should suffice. –  adarshr Aug 5 at 22:02
I do not see this file –  Erik Aug 19 at 17:45

In CentOS/RedHat

vim /etc/sysconfig/jenkins

# Port Jenkins is listening on.
# Set to -1 to disable

change it to any port you want.

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For the benefit of Linux users who find themselves here: I found /etc/sysconfig/jenkins has a JENKINS_PORT="8080", which you should probably change too.

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You can call

java -jar jenkins.war --help

to see a list of all available parameters.

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Change the '/etc/init.d/jenkins' shell

check_tcp_port "http" "$HTTP_PORT" "8080" || return 1

Change 8080 to whichever you want

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1. There is no /etc directory in Windows. 2. This is only a check if the port is already in use. You can change it in Ubuntu/Debian in /etc/default/jenkins: HTTP_PORT=9090 –  Spartan Aug 11 at 12:16

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