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Is there any way to stop an active CruiseControl build short of stopping and restarting CruiseControl? I'm running CruiseControl Dashboard version 2.7.2.

If there is no way to stop an active build, or how can I cause long running builds to timeout? Is this something I should configure in CruiseControl or in Ant?


It looks like a networking change is causing some of our test cases to wait for a long time before timing out. This is causing the CruiseControl build to take a REALLY long time to finish.

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You can configure the ant task (and most other build tasks too) by setting the optional timeout property in the configuration.

Ant build will be halted if it continues longer than the specified timeout. Value in seconds.

The example below will halt the build after 60 seconds:

  <ant antscript="C:\Java\apache-ant-1.6.1\bin\ant.bat"
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You can pause, resume, force-start and otherwise manage a CruiseControl build by using JMX server. For more information, see Managing CruiseControl With JMX.

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