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In SQL you can have SELECT x,y FROM ...

but if I use where, the sql generated will only select from the models which it is acting upon.

So for example:

user has_many :posts
post belongs_to :user

Post.includes(:users).where('created_at < ?' 1.day.ago) will have

SELECT "posts".* FROM "posts" WHERE (created_at > '2013-03-06 07:37:09.010916')

but how do I SELECT the post and the users so it will return the posts users as well?

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UPDATE: As Saurabh pointed out, the loaded association should be :user and not :users

Includes is used to eager load association records, meaning that given the following

@posts = Post.includes(:user)
@posts.each do |post|

Only 2 queries will be made to the database, one for fetching the posts and another for fetching all the users that is associated to @posts. Rails manages the associations for you. Simple.

If you want to get a certain column value from a different table, try the following

@posts = Post.joins(:user).select('posts.*, users.name AS user_name')
@posts.first.user_name # will give you the name of the first user associated to the post
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+1 for the update. Rest all is correct as well. –  My God Mar 7 '13 at 9:27

First, your associations are wrong. You can't do Post.includes(:users) when you say: post belongs_to :user.

The correct way is -

Post.includes(:user) for the belongs_to associations.

Second, you can select a value from different table by doing so:

Post.includes(:user).where(:user => {:name => params[:name]})

The above query will give you all the posts whose user name is params[:name] where :name is the field from the user table.

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