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My ember view is a container for other DOM elements. I am interested in handling events of some of those contained DOM elements independently. For example, in a view of backbone.js, we can handle them as

events: {
   'click #some_button': 'handle_button_click',
   'click #some_anchor': 'handle_anchor_click'

How to do similar thing in view of emberjs?. Do I have to create independent view for each DOM element that I am interested in handling events for?

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Have you already read about the action helper of Ember? –  mavilein Mar 7 '13 at 9:22

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No need to create a view for every element.

Just use the {{action}} helper, you can catch these events in the controller or the router.

More on that here: http://emberjs.com/guides/templates/actions/

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In EmberJS, you dont need to bind events to functions. Ember provides default bindings to DOM events. I would suggest you to go through EmberJS guide on events to understand the bindings.

Also you want to bind functions on elements, you can do this following way. I am taking your BBJS example for the code which may help you understand better.

var App.TestView = Ember.View.extend({
    click : function(e) {
       if($(e.target).attr('id')==='some_button') {
       } else if($(e.target).attr('id')==='some_anchor'){
    handle_button_click : function(e) {//someCode};
    handle_anchor_click : function(e) {//someCode};

You can actually have code of handle_button_click or handle_anchor_click in same click function inside the conditions, unless you feel to make it more modular...

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