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I am currently using X-Cart to create an online shop. I am trying to create 'company' fields in address book. I had follow the instructions: but I was shown an Error ID 79.

According to the forum, it is an error due to database but I had checked and make sure

I do have the required field.

I wasn't able to create thread in X-Cart Forum and I am not very sure the reason. All I know is I was shown a message:

you do not have the permission

Hence, my only solution left is to search help here, very sorry about it.

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I had found the reason why but unable to answer my own question until 8 hours later. – FTx Mar 7 '13 at 9:42
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I guessed I shouldn't just followed blindly. I followed the instruction in adding the following code to func.order.php but after removing it away, everything just work miraculously. Sorry to waste the space on this post.

$_fields = array_keys($default_address_book_fields);

    foreach (array('b_', 's_') as $p) {

        foreach ($_fields as $k) {
            if($k!='address_2') {

                $f = $p . $k;

                if (isset($userinfo[$f])) {
                    $insert_data[$f] = addslashes($userinfo[$f]);


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