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I have a form with HeaderTable and LineTable datasource. HeaderTable contains FromDate and ToDate field and LineTable contains TransactionDate field.

As per the requirement I have to fill the TransactionDate field with 'fromdate' TO 'todate'.

For Example, if HeaderTable contains 1st-Jan & 8th-Jan as fromdate and todate respectively , than in line level it should automatically creates records for 1st to 8th Jan.

I hope it can be done using a button, but not clear. Please suggest with examples.

Thanks. :)

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Nothing happens automatically, do it your self:

for (transDate = fromDate; transDate <= toDate; transDate++)
    salesline.TransDate = transDate;

I am glad I do not have to code the update logic, when the user changes the fromDate or toDate!

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Hi Jan, yes nothing happens automatically, my problem is solved. :) Thanks.. :) –  Pankaj Mar 7 '13 at 11:28
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Thanks Jan for replying.

This is how I solved this problem:

I created a button, on clicked method of the button I wrote this logic:

FromDate = Header.FromDate;

while (FromDate <= Header.ToDate)
    Line.InvoiceId = Header.InvoiceId;
    Line.TransactionDate = FromDate;

    if (FromDate == Line.TransactionDate)




Hope this will help someone. Thanks.

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