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I inherited a project which is already in the web application form. This project is imported as a java project and then defining it as a tomcat project. This was easy with MyEclipse 6 but i have some problem with MyEclipse 8.6.

In MyEclipse 6.0 there is a option on configuring a project as tomcat project. This is done by checking

<right click on project>->property->tomcat-><checking 'this is a tomcat project'>.

I can't find the same option in MyEclipse 8.6.1. Can any body help me with this.

Is there any turn around.

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There is no specific setting to make project specific to a particular server (though that is blurred a bit by MyEclipse Blue Edition, for WebSphere projects). Just deploy to Tomcat. If you have problem with deployment, it is best to ask for support on the MyEclipse website.

Release 8.6.1 is a bit old now. You can upgrade to the latest release 10.7.1 (with release 11 imminent) for no extra charge.

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thanks. but for time being is there a way to define is as tomcat project as it was possible with myeclipse 6.0. – Jafar Ali Mar 12 '13 at 6:00
I don't see the project property that you say existed in ME 6 (I tried with 6.6). Maybe the ME6 installation had other plugins installed? If WTP Extras was enabled in eclipse capabilities, you get to create a Dynamic Web project and attach a server runtime to it (and a Tomcat runtime can be defined) but that isn't necessary with MyEclipse Web projects. I'm not sure what you think defining the project as a Tomcat project will provide but perhaps a better place for this support is the MyEclipse forums. – Tony Weddle Mar 12 '13 at 6:33

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