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I'm stuck on a point to pass an expression to count number of male and female members. I'm using India map .shp file where i want to print on tool-tip with Name of the state and separate count of male and female.Like "State:- Delhi, Male:- 23454, Female:- 45454. But i'm not getting right expression for that how i can do that. In my database there is column Gender where Male & Female entries are there row wise.

Please help me out.

Thank you.


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Have you tried something like the following expression for your Tooltip?

="State:- " & Fields!State.Value
  & ", Male:- " & CStr(Sum(IIf(Fields!Gender.Value = "M", 1, 0)))
  & ", Female:- " & CStr(Sum(IIf(Fields!Gender.Value = "F", 1, 0)))

This assumes there are fields called State and Gender.

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