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I'm using jquery treeview plugin to list a directory into a treeview. I need to select path of selected node. for example, have a look at the structure below.

enter image description here
If config.php gets clicked then i need the path like SITE/classes/config.php

Can somebody help me to get around this issue?

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This demo should explain everything, just paste it into body section. Make sure you have jQuery linked on the page.

JavaScript loops through the parent elements and compose the breadcrumb path.

<div id="path">click some element</div>

    <li><a href="#">SITE</a>
            <li><a href="#">classes</a>
                    <li><a href="#">class.file1.php</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">class.file2.php</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">class.file3.php</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">class.file4.php</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">class.file5.php</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">img</a></li>

<style type="text/css">
li a { cursor: pointer; text-decoration: none }
li.active > a { color: red }

function getPath(a) {
    var path = $(a).text();
    var $parent = $(a).parents("li").eq(1).find("a:first");

    if ($parent.length == 1) {
        path = getPath($parent) + "/" + path;

    return path;

    $("ul a").click(function(){

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