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I am trying to convert a datetime (raw format in UTC: 2012-12-05T21:55:00) to readable local time format but the output varies across browsers:

DateTime = new Date(DateTime);

In Chrome it appears as:

Wed Feb 20 2013
05:31:00 GMT +0800
(Malay Peninsula
Standard Time)

and in IE:

Wed Feb 20 05:31:00
UTC+0800 2013

Hence, I applied a .format to it:

DateTime = new Date(DateTime);
DateTime.format('dd MMM, yyyy hh:mm tt')

This format appears good and consistent across Chrome and IE9:

20 Feb, 2013 05:31 AM

but there's an issue in displaying it in IE8 and Safari, it shows the date as:

NaN, 000NaN

I tried other JS plugins like date ninja but no help either. Can anyone advise how to go about the NaN issue? Thanks.

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I faced 'exactly' the same issue you are facing a few months back. Use moment.js. It gives consistent date formats in Chrome, FF and IE(Including IE 8)

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