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In my Web application I use a standard mechanism for resolving dependencies into a AppHost.cs

public virtual void Configure(Container container){ }

In this method, I register all dependencies.

How can I access Container instance out of controller?

I find an answer: Funq usage in ServiceStack

But Is it the best practice? What about multi-threading? Isn't it(AppHostBase.Instance.Container) a blocking resource?

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Funq is thread-safe because it's registered in a single application thread in Configure() and immutable there after. –  mythz Mar 7 '13 at 14:52

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Yes, I would stick with the answers found in Funq usage in ServiceStack

It is best to avoid multi-threading solutions in asp.net applications if you can avoid it. Resolving references via funq will be very fast. Funq was chosen for ServiceStack because of its outstanding performance.

If you do need to use multi-threading then you should be managing your locks inside the actual dependencies instead of around the dependency resolutions.

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