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I'm migrating an Android application to iOS.

On Android I have an object and I don't know which object can I use on iOS.

I thought I can use CGBitmapContext or UIImage. And on the book Learn Objective-C for Java Developers, I haven't found anything useful.

On Android, first I have to created with a size, that I can use this Bitmap to get a JPEG version of it or I can draw some pixels on it.

What do you recommend me?

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How are you using Bitmap on Android. You can initialize a UIImage using from raw pixel information using initWithData: if you don't require it to be mutable. – Benoit Mar 7 '13 at 10:10
@Benoit I have updated my question with more details about how I use it. – VansFannel Mar 7 '13 at 10:14
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Your best resource on how to do this is going to be Apple's Drawing and Printing Guide, specifically, Creating New Images Using Bitmap Graphics Contexts.

Once you go through the steps listed in the tutorial (and perform all the necessary drawing) and you get a reference to a UIImage, you'll want to use UIImageJPEGRepresentation to save the result as a JPEG.

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The framework you need to use is called Core Graphics. The framework is different from Android - more low level and much more powerful.

Some interesting classes and functions:
CGImageRef - represents an image
CGContextRef - represents a drawable context
CGBitmapContext - a context backed up with raw byte data - you can draw there using context functions or set the color value directly by accessing the bytes.

You can get CGImageRef from an UIImage, you can also draw CGImageRef into CGBitmapContext or draw UIImage directly into context ([UIImage draw...]).

These classes/functions should be enough for you to start googling/searching the docs.

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Yes , u can use UIImage or CGImage...

UIImage can thought object oriented wrapper of CGImage.... But as u are from java background i would suggest that u go with UIImage...

CGBitmapContext is totally different thing.. I thought of it as canvas where u do some drawing and save all what u have drawn as an image..

If u are still confused.. i would ask u to make ur question little clear... i am unable to get what your are trying to achieve..

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