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I have a string:

fieldName= A=2,B=3 and C=3,

Now I want to replace last , with space.

I have used:

fieldName.replace(","," "); 
fieldName = fieldName.replace((char) (fieldName.length()-1), 'r');

But still I am getting the same old string.

What can I use instead of this? so I can get the result as

fieldName= A=2,B=3 and C=3
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You can simply use substring:

  fieldName = fieldName.substring(0,fieldName.length() - 1);

Make sure to reassign your field after performing substring as Strings are immutable in java

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thnx it worked...:) – user1697114 Mar 7 '13 at 10:24
notice in javascript length() is length with out brackets – danihp Sep 3 at 8:54

To get the required result you can do following:

fieldName = fieldName.trim();
fieldName = fieldName.substring(0,fieldName.length - 1);
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Firstly Strings are immutable in java, you have to assign the result of the replace to a variable.

fieldName = fieldName.replace("watever","");

You can use also use regex as an option using String#replaceAll(regex, str);

fieldName = fieldName(",$","");
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fieldName = fieldName.substring(0, string.length()-1) + " ";
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i want to replace last ',' with space

if (fieldName.endsWith(",")) {
    fieldName = fieldName.substring(0, fieldName.length() - 1) + " ";

If you want to remove the trailing comma, simply get rid of the + " ".

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you can use regular expressions to identify the last comma (,) and replace it with " " as follow:

fieldName = fieldName.replace(/,([^,]*)$/," ");
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Though perfectly correct, your answer is JavaScript. This topic is Java-related. – Chop Apr 21 at 9:26

Try this:

s = s.replaceAll("[,]$", "");
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Already @Abubakkar Rangara answered easy way to handle your problem

Alternative is :

String[] result = null;
if(fieldName.endsWith(",")) {                           
String[] result = fieldName.split(",");
    for(int i = 1; i < result.length - 1; i++) {
        result[0] = result[0].concat(result[i]);
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Modify the code as fieldName = fieldName.replace("," , " ");

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That will replace all occurrences of "," with " ", but they only want the last one to be replaced. – Steven Spasbo Jul 2 '14 at 19:01
Do not provide wrong solutions if you can not read/understand question clearly – Bhavik Mehta Jul 23 at 18:28

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