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I am developing an Android application with Target SDK version 14 and minSdk version 10. In SDK version we have support for Action Bars where as in API 10 we dont j=have support action bar.

Does android support library latest revision (android-support-v4 rev 12) has the support for Action bar and Popup menus ?

As i have written our application on API 14 and now we want to support API 10 aswell , Do we have another way to support action bars and popup menus in API 10?

Thanks, Vamsi

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Android doesn't support ActionBar on earlier versions (before honeycomb), but there is a wonderful library you can make use of. Check out ActionBarSherlock. Even inside google guys do encourage developers to use this.

If you want to get HOLO theme for your app that is running on older versions of Android then checkout HoloEverwhere.

What do you mean this by popup menu? then you can do it too.

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Good news. Google has added action bar in their support library in revision 18. http://developer.android.com/tools/support-library/index.html

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