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I use Notepad++ for web-development. I was coding in JavaScript when I found this weird thing. I named a variable as private (I knew it wasn't a reserved keyword in JavaScript). But as I typed, it turned blue (all the JavaScript keywords are shown blue in Notepad++). So I thought there'll also be public, class and protected keywords. And to my surprise, they also turned blue! So does it mean JavaScript has class-based object-oriented model along with the prototypical model? I checked the following code -

public class Foo {
    private bar;

But the console said - SyntaxError: Unexpected reserved word.

Question - Does JavaScript support class-based object-oriented model or is it just a bug in Notepad++ or my syntax is wrong?

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It is a reserved keyword so that in future, this feature could be added without breaking existing code.

If you allowed private, then adding private feature to the language later would break any code that was using private as a normal identifier.

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So will JavaScript introduce Class-based model in future? – ShuklaSannidhya Mar 7 '13 at 10:51
@SandyLee I don't know, this is just a "just in case" thing. – Esailija Mar 7 '13 at 10:51

private and public are Java keywords and are reserved by JavaScript.

class is an ECMAScript reserved word.

For OO class based implementations in JavaScript, please see here

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