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Hello this is my product controller i have one one table and one form in view. When I submit model. Product everything ok but when I return view from HttpPost Index model is always null.

If I reload page model is filled.

  public ActionResult Index()
        var model = new ProductViewModel();
        var suppliers = new List<Supplier>();
        var categories = new List<GoodsCategory>();
        using (var session = _sessionFactory.OpenSession())
            model.Products = session.Query<Product>().ToList();
            suppliers = (from d in session.Query<Supplier>()
                         select new Supplier
                                 Id = d.Id,
                                 Name = d.Name

            categories = session.Query<GoodsCategory>().ToList();

            model.Suppliers = suppliers;
            model.Categories = session.Query<GoodsCategory>().ToList();

        return View(model);

    public ActionResult Index(ProductViewModel model)
        return View()

Does anybody knows whats wrong in my code?

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type return View(model); in post action

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