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I have developed a PHP authoring tool that generates 3D content. I want that Learning Management Systems can connect to this tool to generate this 3D content in a SCORM compatible format.

If my PHP authoring tool is, for example, index.php I imagine there is way of integrating this page into a LMS, by adding it in the manifest.

I have seen there are JavaScript APIs for generating SCO files, but I am not sure if this is possible for a whole authoring tool, or 3D content.

Should I use an API for making this PHP tool part of the LMS or should I generate directly SCORM output with the tool, and the import to a LMS? Which is the right way to approach this problem?

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Your description is somewhat controversial: Do you want to create educational content with your tool, or for your tool? Will the SCORM content need access to the php files to work properly? What will it contain? –  periklis Mar 10 '13 at 20:13

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Your tool should produce (export) a ready-to-go scorm zip package. Then anyone will be able to import it into a LMS. That's how all scorm tools work.

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