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I have been using CodeKit for front-end developing on Mac. The most convenient features are:

  • Project File Organization
  • Easy compilation and minification for SCSS, LESS and CoffeeScript
  • Project watching, auto compilation
  • Browser Auto-reload and CSS-injection

These features are extremely useful and time-saving. Therefore I wonder if there is an equivalent software on Windows with the same features? Or, can I DIY something like this by combining all the existing tools?

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I've only used it for five minutes and it has already auto complied my LESS files and live reloaded in my browser.

It is still in beta, it offers a huge amount that I've only started reading about.

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+1 Mixture it's super powerful and cross platform – Neil Kinnish Nov 5 '13 at 8:07
Looks like development has stopped on Mixture :-( – Jason May 30 at 13:58

You can try It can compile less, sass, scss, coffee and much more with live browser refresh.

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+1 to prepros, it us the most powerful and feature-full for now – AuthorProxy Nov 4 '13 at 12:14

Koala is an alternative that is quite similar to codekit, not as good but close enough.

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