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I have a table like:

 0|   A    |   100  |   10   |
 1|   B    |   100  |   20   |
 2|   C    |   1000 |   10   |
 3|   D    |   100  |   10   |

and i want to query such that i want distinct(column_2 and column_3), means combination of column_2 and column_3 have to be distinct. So the result I want is like:

 0|   A    |   100  |   10   |
 1|   B    |   100  |   20   |
 2|   C    |   1000 |   10   |

I'm using STS MVC & hibernate4, with mysql. Any suggestion is appreciated.

Code I'm using right now is:

Session ses=sf.getCurrentSession();
Criteria criteria=ses.createCriteria(myclass.class);
ProjectionList projList = Projections.projectionList();

but its just returning the distinct values, i want the complete row.

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Try this one:

select column1, column2, column3 from table group by column2, column3

Regards, Arun

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thanks for the help @Abertil, but sorry it's not the answer. The query just returns the grouped data (based on the specified columns). Requirement is to obtain rows based on distinct pair of values. also, m not looking for query, looking for hibernate codes. – Boban Raj Mar 8 '13 at 5:38

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