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We're moving our test server onto a new box, and I need to migrate all of our components that are in Component Services to the new box. We have all of the COM dll files located in sub folders in a COM directory on the server, and we want to copy that entire directory and register all the applications in Component Services just like they are. They will need to have the same credentials and everything.

I can use the COMAdminCatalog stuff and automate Exporting and Installing the applications (exports a CAB file), but that will copy the dlls and everything, and we don't want that, because it won't put them back in the right spot. Although if I could pull the directory they were in, and then specify that directory on the install, that would be okay. I can't figure out how to get the directory of the dll though. And what if there are two dlls, how would that work?

Any ideas?

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You could export and then install on the new machine and then reregister all the dlls. This will update the details in each COM package on your COM+ server. You can find the location of the dlls by looking it up in the registry.

If your COM object is


Take a look at


get the default Value then look up


This key will give you the full path of the dll. Delete all those dlls, and reregister (using regsrv32 ) all the dlls in the place you want them.

Should give you a place to start.

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