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I am using a Qt .pro file using the SUBDIRS template (mainly following this answer).

Furthermore I am building my solution using qmake -recursive and nmake Release.

Now I want to supply a separate batch file for cleaning up the release output and meta files (not the debug ones though).

The problem is that for the top-level Makefile, only clean and distclean is generated by qmake while for the subdirectories, there are also release-clean and debug-clean (also the folders contain an additional Makefile.Debug and Makefile.Release).

What I want to do is calling

nmake Makefile release-clean

from the batch script. However the top-level makefile does not contain this configuration.

Now I could call the equal line for every subproject manually but this is obviously my least favoured option.

Is there a way to either get qmake to generate a release-clean target for the top-level makefile or is there another way to simply clean release files?

PS: I'm using nmake, so yes I'm on Windows (XP) and using MSVC (2008)

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The following batch script does the job :

REM set up environment
CALL vcvarsall.bat x86

REM clean solution
msbuild yoursolution.sln /p:Configuration=Release /t:clean

REM and you may want to add a build command :
msbuild yoursolution.sln /p:Configuration=Release
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This is true if you have a VS Solution, however I'm just using qmake on the .pro file and then nmake. I could maybe add a qmake -tp vc -recursive to generate the sln and then compile it the way you suggested. – Tim Meyer Mar 26 '13 at 11:42
@TimMeyer oh ok. indeed I assumed you were using a visual solution. – azf Mar 26 '13 at 12:18

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