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Error: elements of paginator are objects (not arrays). var_dump($records):

object(Records\Model\Records)#240 (11) { ["id"]=> NULL ["name"]=> string(9) "5453gdfgd" ["email"]=> string(16) "igor@bk.ru" ["homepage"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(5) "ghjkj" ["image"]=> string(5) "Array" ["file"]=> string(0) "" ["ip"]=> NULL ["browser"]=> NULL ["date"]=> string(19) "2013-03-05 23:24:49" ["inputFilter":protected]=> NULL }  
object(Records\Model\Records)#241 (11) { ["id"]=> NULL ["name"]=> string(9) "5453gdfgd" ["email"]=> string(16) "igor@bk.ru" ["homepage"]=> string(0) "" ["text"]=> string(5) "ghjkj" ["image"]=> string(5) "Array" ["file"]=> string(0) "" ["ip"]=> NULL ["browser"]=> NULL ["date"]=> string(19) "2013-03-05 23:23:37" ["inputFilter":protected]=> NULL }


    protected $recordsTable;
        public function indexAction()
            $field = (string) $this->params()->fromRoute('field', 'date');
            $order = (string) $this->params()->fromRoute('order', 'desc');
            $array = $this->getRecordsTable()->fetchAll($field, $order);

            $paginator = new Paginator\Paginator(new Paginator\Adapter\Iterator($array));
            $paginator->setCurrentPageNumber($this->params()->fromRoute('page', 1));
            $vm = new ViewModel(array('records' => $paginator));
            return $vm;

    public function getRecordsTable()
            if (!$this->recordsTable) {
                $sm = $this->getServiceLocator();
                $this->recordsTable = $sm->get('Records\Model\RecordsTable');
            return $this->recordsTable;


    protected $tableGateway;

        public function __construct(TableGateway $tableGateway)
            $this->tableGateway = $tableGateway;

        public function fetchAll($field, $order)
            $this->field = $field;
            $this->order = $order;
            $resultSet = $this->tableGateway->select(function (Select $select) {
            $select->columns(array('date', 'name', 'email', 'homepage', 'text', 'image', 'file'));
            $select->order($this->field.' '.$this->order);        

            return $resultSet;

In View:

 foreach($records as $record) : ?>
     <?php var_dump($record); ?> <br />
 <?php endforeach; ?>

What am I doing wrong? How can I make $records as an array?

Thank you in advance!

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Either return an array from the result set using its toArray method...

public function fetchAll($field, $order)
     // ...
     return $resultSet->toArray();

Or in your view, use the toArray method in your foreach

<?php foreach($records->toArray() as $record) : ?>
    <?php var_dump($record); ?> <br />
<?php endforeach;      
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Additional information: Zend\Db\ResultSet\Exception\RuntimeException File: /opt/lampp/htdocs/guest-book/vendor/zendframework/zendframework/library/Zend/Db/‌​ResultSet/AbstractResultSet.php:265 Message: Rows as part of this DataSource, with type object cannot be cast to an array – Igor Mar 7 '13 at 12:57
Ah. Does your model have a 'getArrayCopy()` method? public function getArrayCopy() { return get_object_vars($this); } – Crisp Mar 7 '13 at 13:10
Yes, it have..... – Igor Mar 7 '13 at 13:16
K, how about a toArray() method (same functionality)? Think the getArrayCopy method only gets used if the model is an ArrayObject instance (at least as far as results sets go). – Crisp Mar 7 '13 at 13:37
Thanks for help. What am I have to do? As we see, model is an ArrayObject instanceю – Igor Mar 7 '13 at 14:12

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