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A little embarrassing question, but I can find an answer which works in my case... I need to put some xml file (settings.xml) in order to read some data from it during application runtime.

According to some answers here and not only here, I have putted it here: ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.0/[AppUUID]/Documents

and I'm trying to use it as follows:

// Loading data from external XML File
    NSURL *url = [[NSBundle mainBundle]
                    URLForResource: @"settings" withExtension:@"xml"];
    NSError *err;
    if ([url checkResourceIsReachableAndReturnError:&err] == NO){
        NSLog(@"FILE NOT FOUND");


I've tried to do put the file under any possible directory in ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.0/[AppUUID]/ and efect is still the same.

I'm using XCode 4.2

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If you are putting the file into the .../Documents folder then you need to use the following code to access it (you are looking for it in the App Bundle, which is a different location altogether):

NSString *docFolder = [NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES) objectAtIndex:0];
NSString *filename = [docFolder stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"settings.xml"];

if ([[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:filename])
    // Read file
    NSLog(@"settings.xml file not found!");
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Works excellent. Thanks. – guitar_freak Mar 7 '13 at 13:20

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