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In a C# 2008 windows application, I planning on locating files that I need to find by utilizing the following code:

    var RFiles = from path in Directory.EnumerateFiles(filesaveLocation, "*.*", 
     let extension = Path.GetExtension(path) 
      where extension == ".pdf" || extension == ".xlsx" || extension == ".xls" 
      select path; 

However once I find each selected file, I need to know the exact location of where each specified file was located. I need to be able to store the exact directory structure location in a sql server 2008 r2 database.

Basically the code statement would be similar to tell me exactly where each selected file is located at.

Thus can you me in code and/or explain to me how to accomplish my goal?

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Directory.EnumerateFiles returns full file paths, location + filename. Just print it or check in debug mode.

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