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I'm learning TypeScript, and I'm afraid I'm biting more than I can chew. I've found tutorials & examples for

But I just can't get it working all at once.

I have 3 files, all containing separate jQuery plugins, yet sharing some constants. I have separate ts files for all pages using these. I want to reference these per-page TS files in my cshtml as <script data-main="app/this-page" type="text/javascript" src="lib/require.js"></script>, and have this-page say something like "import my plugin, then $("#someId").runMyPlugin(someSettings);"

Can anyone recommend me an approach? What should say export? what should I import? what goes in one class?

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If your constants are defined in a class, i.e. Constants.ts

export class Constants {
   constant1: string = "firstConstant";
   constant2: string = "secondConstant";

then export this class, and import wherever you need it.

import ref_Constants = module("./Constants");  
var firstConstant = ref_Constants.Constants.constant1;

Using AMD modules will then automatically load Constants.js when required.
Hope this helps.
Have fun, blorkfish.

Update Ok, so to export a plugin using require.js for JQuery, you need to export to the $ symbol:
This can only be done with require.config and the shim property. You will need something as follows:

    baseUrl: '../',
    paths: {
        'jquery': 'lib/jquery-1.7.2',
        'myjqueryextension': 'lib/myjqueryextension' // note this is the .js file
    shim: {
        jquery: {
            exports: '$'
        myjqueryextension: {
            exports: '$'

    ($, myjqueryextension) => {
        // note that your extension will be attached to $ here, because of the shim
        $('#test').myExtensionFunction('foo', 'bar');

The important part here is the exports: '$' line in the shim. This will attach your extension to $.
Have fun,

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yes it does. Can you give some advice on the OTHER part (typed JQuery plugins + AMD) too? –  TDaver Mar 7 '13 at 14:39
well, actually, it doesn't. A module cannot be aliased to a non-module type –  TDaver Mar 7 '13 at 14:43
turns out requirejs might be an overkill for my situation of 1-2 jquery plugins required here and there on a non-SPA page. Once I removed requireJS (and went back to CommonJS from AMD) everything worked as in the Typescript basic tutorials :) –  TDaver Mar 8 '13 at 12:39

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