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The following code does compile somewhat with a warning:

23> c(passing_records).                                              
passing_records.erl:8: Warning: wrong number of arguments in format call

but when I try to run it I get this error trying to pass variables to a record named pass:

22> passing_records:record_passing([#pass{arg1=2,name="x",to_go=5}]).
* 1: record pass undefined

Heres the code:

-record(pass, {arg1 ,

record_passing( #pass{arg1 = ARG1, name = NAME, to_go = TO_GO}) ->
        io:format("~p ~p~n", [ARG1,NAME,TO_GO]).    
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The reason for the record pass undefined error is that you need to load the record in the shell with the rr command to be able to use it directly. See this question for more information.

When I do that, I get to the problem that the compiler is warning about:

Eshell V5.9  (abort with ^G)
1> c("/tmp/passing_records", [{outdir, "/tmp/"}]).
c("/tmp/passing_records", [{outdir, "/tmp/"}]).
/tmp/passing_records.erl:8: Warning: wrong number of arguments in format call
2> rr(passing_records).
3> passing_records:record_passing([#pass{arg1=2,name="x",to_go=5}]).
** exception error: no function clause matching 
                                                     arg1 = 2,name = "x",
                                                     to_go = 5}]) (/tmp/passing_records.erl, line 7)
4> passing_records:record_passing(#pass{arg1=2,name="x",to_go=5}).
** exception error: bad argument
     in function  io:format/3
        called as io:format(<0.24.0>,"~p ~p~n",[2,"x",5])

(You're also passing the record in a list, while the function expects just a record; thus the error on line 3.)

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Oh right... it that rr(). thing I forgot about. Thanks! – lost_with_coding Mar 7 '13 at 13:29

As the warning message says, the problem is on line 8:

 io:format("~p ~p~n", [ARG1,NAME,TO_GO])

You are passing in a list of three arguments to the format string: ARG1, NAME, TO_GO, but the format string only uses two of them (there are only two ~p). It has nothing to do with records.

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I fixed it to this io:format("~p ~p ~p~n", [ARG1,NAME,TO_GO]). but I still get the error running it? passing_records:record_passing([#pass{arg1=2,name="x",to_go=5}]). * 1: record pass undefined – lost_with_coding Mar 7 '13 at 13:16

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