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We are using Windows Media Server 2003 and 2008 for delivering videos on one of my project.

Authorization URL Plugin is enabled in it - By this i can generate a dynamic secure URL by forming a Hash code(With IP etc). So that the URL can not be bypassed or used by others.

Now i am planning to switch to Windows Azure Media Services, Can i configure Authorization Plugin or any such security for my URL inside Azure?

As i don't want users to access or steal my videos.

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No, you can't use any standard Windows Media Server plugins with Azure Media Services. But if you do take a look at the documentation, you will see that all media is protected by default in Azure Media Services:

If read carefully and follow all reference documentation you will see that first step of all actions is creating AccessPolicy. For example:

IAccessPolicy accessPolicy = _context.AccessPolicies.Create("File Download Policy", TimeSpan.FromDays(30), AccessPermissions.Read);

So, you generally can't really provide plain/raw/full/limitless access to your assets, unless you really want to. In other words - content in Media Services is protected by default.

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